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 We've moved back into the new bitchin' house now. My room is absolutely colossal. I've got a huge desk, big enough to have all my equipment on and still work on a friend's laptop. There's even still space for my teapot and cup. I've set up a single bed (who needs more than that when they're not sharing?), a sofa bed (which is bigger than my bed) and a wardrobe. I can still swing a cat in here with plenty of room. Ahh well, whem I get my book case and cross trainer in here then it should start looking more cramped! 

I've found myself defaulting to writing again, as a form of expression. I've been wanting to express myself an awful lot more as of late, for one reason or another that I haven't quite put my finger upon yet. I started writing a new piece without a title as of yet, I might just post it up here at some point. It basically revolves around a man sitting alone and completely distant to the world. Events then flow on from there, as he overlooks a freezing city night. 

Someone else posted up a link to an interesting piece they had to write for a creative writing class, about the diary pieces of someone living through the end of the world or something similar. I've been thinking about it on and off throughout the day, so I might give it a go. Not that I know the way the assignment was set or aught, just that I might free-form it up a bit. 

I've spent most of tonight fixing a friend's laptop for them. A nasty mean virus ate a few essential files, it seemed. Hopefully I've managed to sort it out and I can get my free drinks :D

Probably going to bed now. Need to think more on my Exalted character for another friend's campaign that'll be starting up soon. 

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On that note, you've been called upon to epic combat with an afker at the manor.

Please show up in some manner. Rei looks forward to facing Cyrix more than any of the others who dared submit a profile.

I'll PM Cheshire and see if I can do my intro first, so at least I'll be there for the forfeit if the guy doesn't show.

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