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I think I had a bit of a revelation last night, after my mental shutdown on Wednesday.

I now humbly pledge to myself that I will not let myself get into that kind of a state again, especially not in front of people I actually want to get to know better. People who don't deserve to have to feel what I'm projecting.

I'd say it's time to stop torturing myself. I've had my Winter Sleep now. Time to wake up.

Enough now, enough.

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I could argue that if you actually want people to get to know you better, than they should know you- the good and the bad. I mean of course you don't want to scare them off, but eventually they'll have to see something bad. Makes sense to kind of warn them, eh?

Also, I have to ask- Enough now, enough. is this a Love, Actually reference? If so, I am your new best friend. lol.

That is true, actually. It's still a bad idea though, I'd say.

Hah. Haha. You're not supposed to point out those sorts of references! Indeed it is.

You're not supposed to point out those sorts of references!

I know, I know! I just can't help it! The movie is absolutely incredible and that is my favorite scene in the whole thing. I just had to!

As for it being a bad idea, well, I'm sure you know better than I do, since I haven't the foggiest idea what happened, but I know the hurt of having friends who only know part of you and shy away at the bad parts. Besides, who knows, maybe they'll be even more interested in getting to know you now!

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