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Changelings and Communities
So I've signed up for a changeling game, which means the ideas have had to move around in my head fairly quickly. Initially I had an idea for an Ogre who kicks teeth in indiscriminately. Not much of a character concept. Then it switched to an Elemental, Mannequin. This time I got seeming AND kith, the concept being they were imprissoned inside a huge decaying clock that they had to repair before the spare parts decayed and became useless. I've now, since waking in my sleep deprived state, have thought of a new concept born of a community I found last night.

Essentially it's one of the featured ones, the letters without destinations. I thought about a changeling being given the horrible task of delivering said undelivered messages throughout the hedge. Working in a post office flooded with literally billions of letters containing all the things people want to say to one another, but certain things are getting in the way of it ever happening. Things like fear of failure, rejection or what people might think of you. This concept seems the strongest I've come up with yet, but I have essentially statted up my Mannequin. Depends on what I feel like tweaking come Thursday I suppose.

Going back to that community though, it's fascinating to read the unsent letters people write.

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Heh, you commented on my letter, and I decided to check out your journal. I have no idea what you're talking about in this entry, since I don't play any RP games or anything but I like your idea of someone having to deliver all these things that people want to say but it unable to. It's a very interesting concept.

Ahh, this was a poorly thought out and worded entry. Thank you for commenting though.

No, I understood it. It was very stream of consciousness. Once you get into the rhythm it's pretty easy to make it out.

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